ASEAN Energy Database System (AEDS) contains information and visualisation of statistics of ASEAN Member States (AMS). In order to maintain consistency and quality of the energy data, it

is important to verify the data source further utilised in the analysis process.


Assistance is the assistance project to guide the IT team, to build data hub for the operation team, with transform the manually process production record
on datasheet by checker into Digital. It gives real time production report on the point of view Checker.


TURA MineFleet is Fleet Management System that originally developed by TURA team, it offers complete menu to facilitate mine operational, some features are related to vehicle tracking, operator management, Dispatch management, Equipment health, user management and also facilitated with attractive & complete Dashboard & report.

TURA Mine Fleet is also accommodating complete business process in the operational of mining not only focused on mine operational but also concern on safety, logistic & maintenance. This fleet management system is also supported with reliable hardware or device that will be installed to the Equipment.

This application is developed to accommodate report on financial material related to submission of RKAB from all mining companies, it has been adjusted with actual report including official matrix that has been stated by government. This application is made with simply procedure, one of them with accommodate generating data from Excel format.











Integrated Flow Captured in E-RKAB


Team Portfolio

PT SBS (Subsidiary of PT Bukit Asam)

Fleet Management System
Develop & enhance the existing MineOps application that has been applied in PT SBS called as to become complete Fleet Management System

E-Profiler E-RKAB
Develop master online RKAB module, to facilitate & simplify user (mining company) in compiling data related to preparing submission of RKAB Draft

Auto Treatment PH Monitoring
Develop an integrated real time PH Monitoring, combining with Auto Control System, where system would automatically adjust liming feeder, include NaOH spreader
to normalize PH value. Effective, Efficient & Optimal result in normalize of PH
Value become the indicator of success criteria in deployment Auto Treatment PH Monitoring System

Energy and Mineral Resources Agency, West Java Province

Mining Permit Information System

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (ESDM), Indonesia

Coal Mining Report Monitoring and Performance Review System Part of Mining ERP Grand Design

Directorate of Energy, Mineral Resources and Mining, Ministry of National Development

Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas Portal System

Pemuda Berkarya Manunggal

Develop Value Chain Management System
Real time distribution monitoring of Coffee Stock from the origin farmer till the

Talent Management System
Human Resources Talent Recruitment System for Bridging Academy and Company

ASEAN Centre for Energy

Construct ASEAN Energy Database System (AEDS)

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM)

RKAB (Workplan and Budget) Online System

SOX – PT Satria Bahana Sarana (Subsidiary of PT Bukit Asam)

IT Assistance Project
Developing Data Hub System SBS Operation Excellence