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Fleet Management System (FMS)

TURA MineFleet is Fleet Management System that originally developed by TURA team, it offers complete menu to facilitate mine operational, some features are related to vehicle tracking, operator management, Dispatch management, Equipment health, user management and also facilitated with attractive & complete

Dashboard & report. TURA Mine Fleet is also accommodating complete business process in the operational of mining not only focused on mine operational but also concern on safety, logistic & maintenance. This fleet management system is also supported with reliable hardware or device that will be installed to the Equipment.


Vehicle Tracking

Safety Support

Operator Management

Dispatch Management

Fuel Management

User Management

Equipment Health

Asset Management


Reliable Device

Dynamic Setting

One Company One License

Integration Opportunity

Complete Mine Operation Module

Attractive Dashboard

Fuel MS

Fuel Management System

- Record Storing fuel from Supplier
- Record Storing fuel from Internal Storage to Truck Distributor - Record Storing fuel from Truck Distributor to units (HE Units) - Capture HM Units
- Capture Fuel Man and Units Operator include Driver units
- Capture Unit Identity include (Fuel Track and Units Recepient) - Capture refueling date and time
- Inform the last store fuel Quantity
- Inform the last HM

Fleet Management System

- Record Real Time activity Units
- Record HM units
- Record Total Fuel Consumption Units - Record production achievement

Fuel Management Dashboard

- Inform Fuel Inventory in Main Tank (Main Internal Storage) - Inform Fuel Inventory in each fuel tank distributor
- Inform fuel left on each units
- Present Fuel Ratio of Units

- Present Units Performance based on Fuel rate consumption - Able to show fuel operational cost if connect with fuel cost


The Concept


  • More Structured and Organized data compared to manual recording
  • Real time information
  • Data Inventory
  • Historical Data Tracking
  • Performance Dashboard Monitoring
  • Improvement activity in more efficiency of fuel cost allocation
Features - Fuel MS App

• Login - Logout • Fuel Stock
• Fuel Truck
• Fuel Unit

• Data Master
• Offiline System