about us

Senior Executive Greeting

Sri Raharjo

Greetings to our respectable partners,

I am the Senior Executive of TURATECH, Sri Raharjo, M. Eng

I am delighted to introduce TURATECH as part of a pioneer of Indonesian techno-solution provider and IT company with focus in mining & energy industry.

TURATECH is a part of TURA GROUP and also in affiliation with Tura Consulting Indonesia. TURATECH has an enormous journey and been growing along with TURA GROUP. Since starting this company, it has become clearly that while the mining and energy industry remains an attractive sector, it is entering a period of significant change bringing both challenges and opportunities.

As a professional IT company in Indonesia, our commitment is to provide added value techno-solution in form of excellent IT services and products in order to support sustainable growth of Indonesian mining and energy industry. We also committed to develop and provide IT services and products in supporting the government and industries in order to optimize mining and energy role as a prime mover of sustainable development, especially in this very moment of Industry 4.0. We do hope our IT services and products could also be part of our contribution to bring mining and energy sector closer to the public.

We believe that by performing those missions and applying our core values of professionality, integrity and solidarity in all of our actions, we could achieve our vision to be the most valuable IT company in Indonesia’s mining and energy sector.

In the past decades, digitalization has grabbed attentions from many stakeholders and become significant for global mining sector as cohesive approach to reach more efficient, effective, adaptive and sustainable mining operations. There are several key drivers that make mine digitalization application become largely required to provide better information for monitoring, controlling, analyzing, and mitigating the risk of future uncertainty, for instance, the changes in supply-demand due to price volatility, end-market consumption trends, circular economy initiatives, resources scarcity and reserve depletion, a growing awareness of sustainable environment and social responsibility.

Digital technologies have tremendous potential to bring a significant added value and growth to mining and energy stakeholders. For example, there are mine digitalization approach can be applied in mining and energy value chains:

1. Sensory automation and robotics operational hardware/equipment,
2. Real time integrated database platform and information systems,
3. Digitally connected workforce, and
4. Cloud based analytics & decision making support.

Advances in digital technology could benefit mining and energy industry in various ways, such as increase in overall equipment effectiveness, increase operational safety, faster and better decision making as well as overall operational cost efficiencies.

As a country with a strategic position over global mining and energy commodities supply chain, Indonesia should accommodate and apply digitalization in mining and energy industry as one of many solution to overcome the industry’s barriers and challenges. Several difficulties are commonly faced by mining and energy stakeholders: the needs for techno-solution to increase overall operation efficiencies, lack of integrated and comprehensive database, lack of regulation compliance, lack of interconnected equipment-human ecosystem in field operations to provide real time data analytics and decision making, and the needs for digitally connected workforce to enable safer and healthier mine operations and mine environments.

We believe that despite high investment is required, the implementation of digital technologies will yield benefit for the stakeholders both in the short run and in the long run. We do put our best efforts to provide the most valuable techno-solution while optimizing the available resources. Our commitment is to develop IT services and products by using cutting edge digital information technology. This is supported by our team that widely experienced in mining and energy industry both in national and international level as well as supported by our strength in project management.

Finally, we proud to contribute and take part in growing Indonesia’s mining and energy sector by continuously develop and provide the most valuable IT services and products to benefit the mining and energy stakeholders.

Our Vision

Become the Most Valuable IT Company in Mining and Energy Sector

Our Mission

- Deliver excellent IT services and product in order to support sustainable growth of Indonesian mining and energy industry
- Support the government and industry in IT services and product in order to optimize mining and energy role as a prime mover of development
- Bring mining and energy sector closer to the public

Our Value

Professionality, Integrity, and Solidarity

Our Strategy

- Continuous improvement in human capital, technology and services
- Dedicated research and development team
- Strengthen relation with the stakeholders
- Perform good corporate governance