Meet Team

People come and go, God made decision, and we just learn His big decision system :) Praise to Him, our team is getting more solid. We do believe in karma (—modern environment web app testing tools). All for one, and one for all :)


Fakhrizal, call him Zal as Director, Executive

User Experience; IT Marketing and Infrastructure; Media and Journalism; Data Analyst

Using nickname Leksa in cyberspace, Fakhrizal started his professional work in information technology with interest in journalism. Enrolled in Mining Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung along with four other colleagues and seriously exploring the world of journalism, media and digital technology.

On his way working as a professional in web development, he involved in some local and abroad projects. Help developing Mideastyouth, a community media platform for Middle East activists before Arab spring occurs. Another project was Nyasatimes, a community media on Malawi politics based in United Kingdom. He also worked at several local startups in Indonesia. SalingSilang, a technology company focusing on tools for communities and social media analytics. He has also been involved in early development of Beritagar, a new media concept focusing on data journalism, before it was acquired by Djarum Group. In business platform related, he has been involved in early development of Talenta, a first Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in Indonesia, based on SaaS concept.

Outside as an IT professional, Fakhrizal is also active in some startup communities, media and education. Actvism world has become a passion for him for long time. In some occasions or when great disasters happened in Indonesia, he participated implementing IT subjects as a tools for volunteer activities. Fakhrizal was also a co-founder of an institution in the field of media technology research and social business research in Yogyakarta.


Resvani, call him Res as Founder and Director, Marketing

Mining Policy and Regulation; Government, Investor and Stakeholder Relation; Business Strategy and Development

Resvani obtained his Master Business Administration (cumlaude honour) and Mining Engineering Degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). His thesis’ title was 'A New Concept of Indonesia Mining Management in order to Optimize Benefit for The State as The Owner of Natural Resources'. This thesis has been presented in International Conference on Management in Emerging Market (ICMEM) and published in international journal. Whereas, his final project described the determination of correction factors for shovel production formula in non-ideal loading condition such as different side loading, broken muck boulder, and loading face condition at Grasberg Open Pit Mine at PT Freeport Indonesia. Having more than ten years of experience in PT Freeport Indonesia, a subsidiary of Freeport McMoran, in several division including mine planning, marketing, technical affairs and government relation. He also involved in the core team of Freeport Contract of Work negotiation with high level government of Indonesia. These experiences have equipped him a complete understanding of Indonesian mining business environment, policy and regulation, mining economic as well as mine planning, operation, marketing and downstream mining industry.

In addition, he involved in various professional organizations such as Indonesian Mining Professional Association (PERHAPI) as external director, Indonesian Mining Company Association (IMA) as a public relation member, Indonesian Mining Student Organization (PERMATA) as chairman, ITB Student Executive Board as chairman, ITB Mining Student Organization (HMT ITB) as chairman, and many others. Currently, he involve in a team of Indonesia Mineral and Coal Policy Makers, team of the revision of Indonesia Mining Law 4/2009, Indonesian Mining Research Organization (INDOMINEPRO) as chairman of Mining Policy and Governance Bureau, Indonesian Mining Institute (IMI) as an associate, as mining and energy advisor for Directorate of Energy Mineral Resources and Mining in National Development Planning Agency and as mining and energy infrastructure expert for Deputy of Infrastructure in Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs. Oftentimes, he was invited by Indonesian Government, Parliament and mining communities to become a keynote speaker for several mining policy seminars and focus group discussions.

His extensive occurrence in several organizations and policy makers has formed him becoming a very-well known person in Indonesian mining sectors who has good relationship with Indonesian government, parliament and stakeholders. In 2017, he also has written a book, published by Gramedia with the title 'Tambang Untuk Negeri'.

Herdian Ganda Wijaya

Herdian Ganda Wijaya, call him Ndo as Director, Business Development

Mining Engineering; Mining Technology Integration; Fleet Management System, Project Management; Mining Improvement Activity

Herdian obtained his bachelor degree from Bandung Institut of Technology with final thesis about the evaluation of PT Aneka Tambang’s performances using financial ratio. His professional career was started in 2008 as short term and mid term engineer in PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC). He also got responsibility in handling CDR (Civil, Drainage, and Rehabilitation) and some other projects. Then, he widened his scope as drill and blast engineer in Mining Service Department. After that, he became mining engineer, then senior mining engineer, in Mine Control and Dispatch Section of KPC. He also has capability in programming and operating system.

He was often invited as speaker in some mining professional organization’s symposiums and workshops, such as Mine Drainage and Dewatering Workshop which is held by Indonesian Mining Professional Association (PERHAPI). Besides, his research about 'Optimizing of Fleet Monitoring System as The Integrator of Mining Technology at PT Kaltim Prima Coal' was published in Japan International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology 2013 (CINEST).

His passion is related to implementation and integration of mining technology, development of fleet management system, problem solving and improvement activity.

Muhammad Nuer Rahman

Muhammad Nuer Rahman, call him Nue

Mine Planning and Operation; Drilling and Blasting Expert; Numerical Modelling and Engineering; Data Mining

Nuer holds Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung with thesis about analysis underground stability due to blasting activity using back analysis (boundary element method). He started his career in 2006 as drill and blast engineer at PT Freeport Indonesia, a subsidiary of Freeport McMoran.

Nuer widened his scope as Technical Engineer in explosives and blasting all across Indonesia being involved in first project of AEL Mining Services in Indonesia as Technical Services Engineer. Nuer joined Rio Tinto Iron Ore Australia in 2011 as Drill and Blast Engineer where he involved in blast optimisation project such as increased blast size, pattern expansion, powder factor reduction.

He is interested big data mining, highlighting opportunities for blast optimisation and better cost performance in the blasting program. He is familiar to use mine design software such as Minesight and Vulcan, blast design software such as Blast Plan, AEL Tie Up, Shout Plus, big data analytic software such as TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau.

Hanif Ikhsan Pratama

Hanif Ikhsan Pratama, call him Nif

Location Modelling; Numerical Modelling and Engineering; Mine Planning; Rock Blasting; Graphical and Visual Design

Hanif holds his Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2014 and his Master Degree in Coal and Mineral Economics from the same college in 2016. His undergraduate study final project was about stripping ratio optimization on an open pit coal mine using the discounted cash flow method. And, his master thesis was about location modelling of coal blending facilities in Indonesia.

During college years in undergraduate study, he accomplished some achievements such as full time (eight semesters) scholarship from South Sumatera government and became part of ITB team in winning the Grand Champion Title of 9th Indonesian Student Mining Competition (ISMC 9th) event. During college years in postgraduate study, he was selected as Mining Engineering ITB representative of student exchange program in Philippines and Japan. He also got a full-time scholarship (four semesters) for his master study from ITB.

He experienced internship program in PT Pamapersada Nusantara in 2013, and did small research about blasting fragmentation distribution analyzed by field observation compared to theoretical prediction using Kuz-Ram formula. In 2015, he involved in some of PT LAPI ITB projects, such as Indonesian coal resource reserve distribution map and due diligence for coal suppliers of steam power plant. In 2016, he involved in Center of Research Excellence ITB project about Indonesian steam power plant coal supply optimization.

Yopi Ahmad Hanafi

Yopi Ahmad Hanafi, call him Yop

Software Engineering; Information Technology and System; Artificial Intelligent

Yopi holds his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in 2013. His final project was about realtime face recognition using some methods including Genetic Algorithm, Principal Component Analysis, and Modified Hausdorff Distance.

He was involved with the projects since he was in college, starting with academic information system based on compentency project. Then he was involved in many other projects, some of the projects was finance information system for handling daily transaction to financial report, corrossion assessment information system for visualization the condition of oil refinery components, mining information system for administrating and monitoring mining permission at west java province. and TTC Checklist online for data center monitoring at telkomsel data center.

He interested in artificial intelligent, intenet of things, and cloud technology. Now, he joins as turatech family in developing many valuable software.

Pitrasacha Adytia

Pitrasacha Adytia, call him Cha

Software Engineering; Mobile Application; Business Intelligence; Risk Management

Pitra holds his master degree in information system from Institut Teknologi Bandung together with his mates Anoko and Rizky at the same year in 2009. Since then, Pitra and Anoko always collaborated in many projects.

Having more than 10 years of experience in IT world, has made him a fully-qualified person in his role. He has experienced in many big telco companies like Telkom Indonesia, Mora Telematika Indonesia, and many others. In 2015, Pitra and Rizky got the first winner at IBM Developer Day, a prestigious IT competition in Indonesia. They won for architecting and developing population and civil registration information system, or in Indonesian called Sisdukcapil or 'Sistem Informasi Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil'. The differentiation to other information system, their Sisdukcapil was detailed to the neighborhood level.

He is very interested in big data, education system, cloud computing, and of course he is a Juventini (called for a fan of Juventus football team).

Anoko Kusuma Ari

Anoko Kusuma Ari, call him Rii

Software Engineering; Information Technology and System; Enterprise Resource Planning; Data Mining

He gained his Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung. His passion in IT has driven him gained his Master Degree in Information System from the same college and started his professional working in an IT company. His final project was about optimizing safety factor in slope stability analysis using Genetic Algorithm and Quasi Newton Method, while his thesis was about decision support system in a career development center.

He involved in many projects such as digital advertising system, human resources assessment system, talent management system and others. During his time as an undergraduate student, he had developed many software prototype along with his colleagues from other different major at the same college. He developed chemical engineering software prototype for reporting industrial emission gas distribution, enviromental engineering software prototype for designing network flow analysis in water flow distribution, mechanical engineering software prototype for supply chain management system, and electrical engineering software prototype for simulating fiber optic delay line performance. He also involved in implementing Openbravo and Odoo ERP for several oil trading, telco, and retail companies.

He is an IT geek and an OCD.