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Realtime mining monitoring in hand. The term of dashboard refers to a information display used to monitor in some aspect of the business. The key word is monitor. A dashboard presents the key data that you must efficiently monitor to maintain awareness of what’s going on in your area of responsibility. Most dashboards are used to monitor information once a day, because more frequent use is unnecessary given the rate at which the information changes and speed at which responses must be made.

  • Having trouble to improve operation productivity?

    Mineboard enables to track down productivity to the lowest time range possible and advise what to do.

  • Confused in tracking down mining cost allocation?

    Mineboard helps to trace unit cost so will be easier to track down where all the money goes to.

  • Tired of looking at a boring production report?

    Mineboard offers a handy dashboard with straightforward graphs explaining what actually happens in mine operations.

  • Going out of site, still need accessing and presenting your production report to someone else?

    Mineboard delivers the accessibility everywhere from laptop, personal computer or smartphone, no need to tediously collect all historical production data, it is in hand.

  • Having doubt about decision?

    Mineboard strengthens decision making process for having no doubt anymore.