PT Tura Teknologi Informasi is a pioneer of Indonesian IT Mining company which founded to meet the requirements of worldwide mining customers and committed in providing IT Mining products and services in order to support the sustainable growth of mining industry.

Our vision is to become the most valuable IT Mining company which deliver the excellence value to the mining stakeholders. This commitment is fulfilled by continuous improvement of our core competency in IT Mining, supported by dedicated research and development team, Mining and IT experts who have national and international experiences. In running its business, we always performs good corporate governance while maintaining an exceptional relationship with stakeholders and preserve its superior resources improvement.

Our Vision

Become the most valuable IT Mining Company in Indonesia

Our Mission

  • Deliver excellent services in order to support sustanaible growth of Indonesia mining industry
  • Assist government and industry in optimizing mining role as a prime mover of development
  • Endorse mining literation

Our Value

Professionality, integrity, and solidarity

Our Strategy

  • Continous improvement in human capital, technology and services
  • Dedicated research and development team
  • Strengthen relation with the stakeholders
  • Perform good corporate gorvernance